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Aurotech Antifreeze Anti Boil Coolant (1L)


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Aurotech Premix Coolant – Antifreeze Anti Boil Pre-mix 50/50 Technology

? Description
AUROTECH ANTIFREEZE ANTI BOIL COOLANT is a 50/50 mix of fleet charge fully formulated coolant and deionized water. Since AUROTECH ANTIFREEZE ANTI BOIL COOLANT is pre-charged with a high quality SCA and premixed with deionized water, the addition of SCA’s and water when topping off is not needed to compensate for SCA dilution.

AUROTECH ANTIFREEZE ANTI BOIL COOLANT is a low total dissolved solid, low silicate coolant that incorporates nitrite to provide superior wet sleeve liner cavitation corrosion protection. Additional advantages include its phosphate free formula and state of the art inhibitor package that reduce the risk of scale and inhibitor drop-out.

?? Applications:
? GM 1899M
? Navistar B1
? TMC RP 329
? ASTM D-6210
? Cummins 90T8-4
? Volvo-GM Heavy
? GM 1825M
? ASTM D-4656
? ASTM D-3306
? ASTM D-4340
? Chrysler MS7170 Sec. A&B 1-4
? Ford ESE-M97B44-A Sec.3.1.1
? Ford ESE-M97B44-A Sec.3.1.2

?? Safety Precaution
– Do not top-up or drain when engine is hot.
– Do not mix AUROTECH ANTIFREEZE ANTI BOIL COOLANT with other coolants. Contains Ethylene Glycool. Do not mix with other water.


AURORA started its business operation in year 1994 principally engaged in the trading and distribution of automotive parts.

Initially, it specializes in national carts part and now we are embarking on others superior performance product. We pride our-self as one of the trusted quality brand name as AUROTECH engine oil. AUROTECH have been tested and certified for effectiveness for safety by SGS (ISO9001) standards with the formula and technology are specified from Germany and all the content is 100% fully imported.

Apart from that; AUROTECH engine oil also conforms to the API, ILSAC and ACEA standards.
Therefore, AURORA Marketing emphasizes on customer’s satisfaction & providing all good quality products and leading our brand new “AUROTECH” grant with RM1Million of product liability in meeting these aspects quality guarantee.

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Aurotech Engine Oil




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