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BLITZCOMFORT Rubber Products

  • Engine Mountings
  • Suspension Arms
  • Absorber Mountings
  • Upper, Lower Arms
  • and many more…..

We are pleased to introduce our Malaysia made rubber products, the BLITZComfort car engine mountings, suspension arms, absorber mountings, upper, lower arms etc. Our premium rubber has the ability to enhance sound absorption and capable of providing a superior cushioning ability.

Thus, preventing vibrations from transmitting to the rest of the vehicle. These mounts have metal mounting points, which is bolted to the engine and to the frame or body as well as the suspension system. This allows for a small amount of movement without transmitting NVH to the frame or body. These rubber products do not need any regular maintenance or regular servicing. It only needs to be replaced when it fails or wears out.

| Dampening noise and vibrations | | Reduces body roll, for better performance | | Improves handling and manoeuvring | | Reduces shocks, thus protecting other parts of car |


  • Colourful Flower Bottles
  • Unique Glass Bottles
  • and more coming…..

Blitzcomfort AF-301 is created to become a style icon, appreciated for its unique design combining with french delicate fragrance. The AF-301 is an attractive accessory to be place anywhere in your car, office or house. BlitzComfort AF-301 will strive to have positive effects on it’s users.

Be inspired!!
Presenting our current series of colourful blossom designs and sleek cubic bottles.

Refreshing your way!!
The fragrance in our collections aimed at pleasing your mind so you can stay focus.

Our desire!!
BlitzComfort AF-301 attains visual attraction that users will return for more.

Eliminating odour or just for purifying, AF-301 will certainly provides a satisfying experience. Our fragrance is in compliance with the Standards of the INTERNATIONAL FRAGRANCE ASSOCIATION (IFRA-48th Amendment/Published June, 2015)

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