Safety has always been our top priority. All BlitzComfort products are made from premium grade rubbers. Accompanying customers as a COMFORTABLE JOURNEY PARTNER.


Stay focus in providing you with Malaysia's 1st automotive online platform. Building the path between genuine buyers and verified sellers. Let us be your COMFORTABLE JOURNEY PARTNER.


Quality assurance yields higher customer satisfaction. Thus, playing an important part in accompanying you as your COMFORTABLE JOURNEY PARTNER.

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OEM original specification specifically for PROTON & PERODUA car models.

We are proud to introduce yet another “Buatan Malaysia” product, the BLITZCARBON LFB fuel booster which is tried and tested. Adhering to the highest standard, our research and development team ensuring each product to have a leading edge from the very beginning.

Blitzcomfort AF-301 is created to become a style icon, appreciated for its unique design combining with french delicate fragrances.

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