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Safety always our top priority when comes to our customers. Hence, we only provide premium rubber made car parts to become our journey partner.


One does not fit all! We believe the importance of customization to different car models to ensure driver's safety and vehicle performance on the road.


Beside safety, we will always strive our best to ensure COMFORTABLE journey as we are your COMFORTABLE JOURNEY PARTNER.

Our story

Blitz Automotive Industries are founded by 2018. In support of our economy, we are proud to offer our “Buatan Malaysia” products. BLITZCOMFORT & BLITZCARBON will provide Malaysians a better life and bringing the best products to rest of the world.

We do our best to become your COMFORTABLE JOURNEY PARTNER! As Malaysia being a leading producer for raw materials, will certainly ensure each of our product a leading edge from the very beginning.

BlitzComfort Engine Mounting

Blitz Comfort strives to maintain our competitive edge by providing uncompromised OEM quality and value-for-money services. Product and service satisfaction have always been a leading motivator for us all. Adhering to the highest standard, every project and prototype is manufactured by our highly experienced partners. Our processes are carefully engineered to match the unique requirements of each product and material to produce the most efficient finished parts.

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blitzCarbon LFB


  • Boost engine performance. Increasing power for higher fuel efficiency.
  • Increase horsepower. Better compression ratio to increase horsepower of a vehicle.
  • Help reduce emissions. Reducing emissions that eventually drive away carbon build-up in the engine. Too much carbon build-up in your vehicle’s engine could lead to poor performance and even stalling.
  • Prevent engine knocking. Engine knocking is caused by the pre-ignition of the fuel and air mixture in your vehicle’s cylinder. Using LFB fuel booster will help your car’s engine performance, limiting the chances of damaging your engine through excess knocking.
  • Cleaner engine. LFB fuel booster will clean the injector, spark plugs, fuel pump and fuel distribution system.
   ORIGIN : Made in Malaysia
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